Raleigh Adoption Attorneys

Adoption creates a new, permanent legal relationship between the adopting parents and the child, while severing all legal relationships between the child and his or her biological parents. The adopting family has the same legal status as if the child were naturally born to them. Because of this, the primary goal of any adoption is to promote and protect the well-being of the child.

Our North Carolina adoption attorneys can help guide you through the process, all the way from the initial petition to bringing home your new child. The basic process according to the North Carolina Adoption Statutes is the following:

Collecting Materials

  • Take a pre-placement assessment
  • Obtain a Consent to Adoption from the biological parents
  • Obtain an affidavit from the biological mother containing the names, addresses and marital statuses of the biological parents
  • Obtain a Certified Copy of Background Information on the child. This is usually provided by the adoption agency or biological parents
  • Resolve all Court Orders or Pleadings that are pending in relation to the child
  • File a Financial Affidavit showing that all adoption costs have been paid
  • Disclose any individual who you were unable to contain consent from

Filing the Petition

Once your materials are prepared, you can file a Petition for Adoption with the court. You must also serve notice to anyone who you were unable to obtain consent from.

Adoption Hearing

The Court is required to set a hearing date for your petition within 90 days of filing, and the actual hearing must occur within 6 months of filing. Generally, if the petition is unopposed and there are no other concerns, you may be granted approval without a formal hearing.

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