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Many times co-parenting can be a big source of conflict between parents after separation.  When this is the case, the Judge, or the parties by agreement, may appoint a parenting coordinator to assist the parents in implementing and/or interpreting the judge’s or the parties’ decision regarding custody.

The role of the parenting coordinator is to help reduce conflict between the parents.  When an issue arises between the parents regarding their child, the parents can submit that issue to the parenting coordinator who will then make the decision of how the issue submitted will be resolved.  The parenting coordinator’s decision is binding on the parents unless and until a Judge makes a different ruling.

One of the advantages to having a parenting coordinator in place is that a parenting coordinator can make a decision for the parents in a much shorter period of time than the matter could be scheduled on the court’s calendar.  That ability is critical when the issue that the parents are in disagreement on is a time sensitive matter such as school enrollment or whether there should be an exchange of custodial times so that the child can attend a special family event such a wedding or grandparent’s birthday celebration.

Parenting coordinator’s services are paid for by the parents so the parents either have to consent to the appointment of a parenting coordinator or the judge has to make a determination that the parties can afford to have a parenting coordinator.  Parenting coordinators are generally attorneys or psychologists.

I would be glad to talk with you about whether a parenting coordinator could benefit your custodial situation.

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